Sabina Scorțanu is a Moldovan-Romanian graphic designer and multimedia artist, based in the Netherlands. Her work emerges from a fascination with the transient nature of objects and phenomena, and how their fluctuations are perceived through human engineered tools, that react and communicate with volatile environments. These phenomena exist on the spectrum where humans shape the ecosphere, particularily Earth weather, and its interaction with living and non-living matter, and how inherited local knowledge, transforms into speculative and visionary modes of existence. These visions are orchestrated through storytelling acts shaped by audiovisual works, radiophonic installations and digital spaces.



Rupert Residency, Vilnius, Lithuania


The New Current, part of Rotterdam Art Week
Exhibiting “Gradual change: From cell to nothingness”
Brututs, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Dutch Design Week
Exhibiting ‘Disembodied voices from beyond the horizon’
DeFabriek, Eindhoven,  Netherlands.

W139 Hosts...
Exhibiting ‘Disembodied voices from beyond the horizon’
W139, Amsterdam. Netherlands.

Video projection of “Gradual change: From cell to nothingness” 
Bring Your Own Beamer media art exhibition
Oedipus Brewing, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Filling the Void, solo exhibition of ‘Disembodied voices from beyond the horizon’,
The Grey Space in the Middle, the Netherlands.

29/06/2022- 03/07
‘From A to X’ Graduation Show,
exhibited ‘Disembodied voices from beyond the horizon’
ArtEZ graduation show 2022

Fiber Festival, Mutation film programme,
Screening of the film ‘Gradual change: From cell to nothingness”.
Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Yet to be named exhibition, 
Screening of the film ‘Gradual change: From cell to nothingness”.
Oude Kraan, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Poetry Fest, 
Exhibited my series of street photography,
Atrium Center, Chișinău, Moldova.


10/2021- 12/2021
Internship at Post Neon, multi media design and production studio,
A-Lab, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

BA Graphic Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts,
Arnhem, Netherlands.

School of Fine Arts ”Alexei Șciusev”,
Chișinău, Republic of Moldova.


„Acasă și în Lume” weekly radio program at Radio Moldova, live broadcast in Chișinău, Moldova.

Tools we use Symposium, Rozet, Arnhem, Netherlands


Introduction mention of "Disembodied voices from beyond the horizon" in Dutch designers yearbook Dd'22, BNO, Association of Dutch Designers.