Dissembodied voices
from beyond the horizon

• Dutch Design Week, 2023
DeFabriek, Eindhoven, Netherlands
W139 Hosts…, 2023
W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Solo exhibition for Filling the Void program, 2022
The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague, Netherlands
From A to X’ ArtEZ Graduation Show, 2022
ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, Netherlands

The ionosphere is a natural electromagnetic field of the atmosphere, that contains particles ionized by solar radiation, acting as a mirror shield for the Earth, protecting it from UV rays, hosting satellites, and reflecting radio communication. It manifests as a planetary-scale active radio zone, where signals are being dissected, processed, and re-contextualized, with a seemingly objective, and detached ethos. But at the same time, given its chaotic nature, the physical and chemical unpredictability as a medium, and distant proximity from imediate human needs, the ionosphere embodies a discontinuous, ghostly nature of information transmission. The instalation questions the gaze of advanced radio technology such as the satellite, and its ionospheric medium of information propagation, as a neutral, unbiased tool of planetary imagination.

A hyperlocal, 6m2 reach radio station composed out of three radio-satellites, broadcasts signals that entangle the immediate with distant, noise with silence, voice with technology…all gathered from local stations, international broadcasts, and from outer space.

The satellites are interweaving the local, global, and celestial voices of the ionosphere, to enact the fight for the radio spectrum, as an ethereal natural resource. The interplay between them reveals the fragmented material reality of the ionosphere, as a storytelling zone, that activates, propagates, and distorts the voices passing within it, therefore uncovering the inconsistent nature of the atmosphere as a medium of transporting information, and sustaining infrastructures that clash with each other as a result.